Multiplier offers Endura and Logic Energy chargers for two-way radio batteries. These product lines include models for almost any charging application – desktop, office, shop, mobile command center, or in-vehicle.

Endura Chargers

Endura chargers are smart, adaptable, and reliable. Smart because they can safely and efficiently charge a battery even when the radio is left powered-on, adaptable because the charger bases can be updated with new charging pods should your radio model change, and reliable as confirmed by years of trouble-free service in the field. The Endura line consists of these five models.

Desktop, single unit model.
In-vehicle, single unit model.
Dual-unit, desktop or in-vehicle.
TWC1 no radio TWC1M no radio + VPA +bracket 1000x TWC2M 500x535-transparent
Six-unit, desktop or in-vehicle.
Twelve-unit, desktop or in-vehicle.

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Logic In-Vehicle Chargers (LEVCA)

Logic chargers (LEVCA) feature intelligent charging which maximizes shift life and cycle life. In addition, they are an ultra-rugged in-vehicle charging solution and ideal when space for installation is limited. All models are made with durable materials, including military grade charging contacts, and are supported with a three-year warranty. The LEVCA’s compact design allows installation in locations where other chargers simply won’t fit and its radio holder provides a precise fit with the battery and radio. With the easy-to-use tie-down strap, a battery or radio is held in position even when traveling over rough roads. Logic chargers are radio specific and available for portables from Motorola, Kenwood, Hytera, Tait, and other radio brands.

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